Top 10 online colleges | Top ranked online colleges

Top 10 online colleges | Top ranked online colleges
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We all know that education is a liberating force and it drives you away from the darkness and gives a kick to a brighter tomorrow. And nowadays, the trend of online education system is dominating everywhere. However, the quality of online education system and teaching methodology varies from one university to another. So here is a clear cut guide about the top universities on which you can rely for your online distance learning program.

  • Penn State World Campus: It is the online study campus of very famous and respected Pennsylvania State University which offers more than 120 online programs. It enrolls more than 10,000 students for graduate, undergraduate, and diploma courses in various fields. The faculty members, study materials, technical support, and teaching methodology is highly advanced and of quality.
  • University of Florida Distance Learning: It has been occupying the top rank amongst online universities consistently and enrolls more than 49,000 students in about 300 graduate and undergraduate degree courses. It has 16 colleges and more than 150 research centers, and provides a quality education in online sectors. Students can also pursue advanced studies in the subject of their choice, and they should meet the minimum eligibility requirement for the university to get admitted.
  • UMass Online: It enrolls approximately 71,000 students in 30 undergraduate and 40 post graduate programs across 5 campuses. The students receive academic support and technical help from the educated faculties appointed by the University. They can also seek internship advice and academic counseling through the satellite campus. It has received award from USDLA for their excellent teaching methodology.
  • Boston University: It has a large number of alumni and enrolls about 33,000 students in various bachelors’ and master’s degree program across its 18 colleges and schools. Through this university, students can access variety of services online such as library, career guidance counseling, tutoring, etc.
  • Northeastern University: It enrolls about 20,000 students in about 60 different online undergraduate and post graduate programs. The students can study as per their schedule and different teaching methodologies are applied based on the competence of the candidate. The students get proper guidance related the course they have opted for and they can utilize various online services provided by the university.
  • Indiana University: It has 9 campuses and 2 centers, and offers more than 100 online degree courses in different streams and subjects. They also offer a variety of certificate programs for the convenience of students. Candidates can access the study materials online and go through the library too.
  • Arizona State University: It is one of the top ranked universities and enrolls about 100,000 students across 16 colleges and schools. It offers a wide range of courses for bachelors’, masters’ and doctoral program. It also offers certificate program also for the students who are interested in the respective course. The university provides enrollment counselors, and academic advisors for proper guidance about the course.
  • Drexel University: It is a private university that offers some of the major undergraduate and post graduate courses and has nation’s largest cooperative education programs. It offers 9 bachelors’ degree, 60 masters’ degree, and 80 certificate programs. It is recognized as a university which provides high quality research oriented activities to students.
  • Oregon State University: It is a public research university which enrolls about 30,000 students, and has accreditation at national level. It offers about 900 online courses which can be pursued through Ecampus learning program of the university. The students have access to study materials, library resources, 24/7 online tutoring, and career guidance.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology: It is a career oriented and technology focused institute that enrolls about 18,000 students in various graduate and undergraduate online courses. The students can complete the coursework based on their own schedule and they can also seek academic advice from the expert faculties of university.